In some instances, students take full courses from foundation to IELTS. By considering the student’s benefit, we have introduced different packages for IELTS, spoken, and basic courses. We believe this course will give extensive advantage for their English skill development process. Students may take all the courses together or one after another. Each course duration is two months thus, students may require a total of six months to accomplish all the course. However, if they take more than one course at the same time then the package could be done within shorten the period of time.


3 in 1:Basic English & Writing+ Smart Spoken & Phonetics+ IELTS= Tk. 18,500

2 in 1:Smart Spoken & Phonetics+ IELTS= Tk. 15,000 

2 in 1:Basic English & Writing+ Smart Spoken & Phonetics= Tk. 10,000 

3 in 1:

This course is embedded with three courses so that students can develop their English skills appropriately. This course is suggested for those who are pretty weak in English but, still desire to have the IELTS test for higher education or settle abroad. It is an effective course whose success rate is incredible. You might start this course if you really feel you are so weak at English or you can take an English level test to know your level then you can choose your expected course.

2 in 1: (IELTS & Spoken)

This course is for the average student who dreams to go abroad however, not capable of having a smart score in the IELTS test very straightforward. This course will develop the advanced English level that will lead them to have a good score on the IELTS test. Advanced course materials have been included in this course that definitely would boost students’ English skills.

  2 in 1: (Beginner’s Package) 

This course is suitable for beginners who just won’t speak English very fluently and effectively.  To have a smart fluent speaker, someone has to have basic strengths as well as good knowledge of advanced English. This is a complete package who would like to harness the best benefit of the career through English. In modern times, a brilliant career is not possible without quality English skills. Hence, this course will give you the extra mileage to showcase your English command.